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Semester timetables Fall 2016-2017

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Semester timetables Fall 2016-2017
by Marina Papachristodoulou - Wednesday, 27 September 2017, 10:40 AM
Semester timetables
 Fall Semester 2016-2017

Bachelor and Diploma in Architecture


Master in Landscape Architecture

BSc in Real Estate Valuation and Development


MSc in Real Estate

BSc in Accounting, Banking & Finance 


MSc in Banking Investment and Finance

BSc in Business Administration


Master in Business Administration 

1st  year

2nd year

BSc in Applied Informatics


Master in Public Administration

BSc in Psychology 



MSc in Educational Psychology

1st semester

3rd semester



MSc in Counselling Psychology

1st semester

3rd semester




Master in International and European Business Law

Εργαστήρια Έρευνας και Συγγραφής Διπλωματικής Εργασίας




MA in Greek Civilization



MSc in History 

1st semester

2nd semester 



Master Programme in Theological studies


English for Postgraduate students

Classes will be held every

1st year: Wednesday , 15:00-17:00,

                 Computer Lab

 2nd year: Wednesday, 11:00-13:00,  

                 Silent Room







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