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Timetables Fall Semester 2013-2014

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Timetables Fall Semester 2013-2014
by Christiana Ioannou - Sunday, 26 January 2014, 9:59 AM



Fall Semester 2013-2014

Bachelor & Diploma in Architecture   MSc in Real Estate (uploaded)

BSc in Accounting, Banking & Finance 

   Master in Public Administration

BSc in Business Administration

  MSc in Banking, Investment and Finance
 BSc in Psychology   Master in Business Administration (uploaded)
 BSc in Real Estate Valuation and Development   

MSc in Educational Psychology (uploaded)

Sem. 1          Sem2.

 Regιstration for courses/δήλωση μαθημάτων   MSc in Construction Management (uploaded)



LLB - Gr

   Master Programme in Theological studies (sem. 2)
 LLB - Cy   Master Programme in Theological studies (sem. 3)

Δήλωση Μαθημάτων LLB


MA in Greek Civilization (uploaded)

Year 1,  Year 2


English for Postgraduate students every Wednesday at G3 :1st level: 16:00- 18:00/2nd level 18:00-20:00

  Master in International and European Business Law